Beste 8 Epiphone casino ebony im Vergleich: Sofort finden

My brand new Epiphone Casino. Cherry finish. I removed the white pick guard. I think it looks better that way.

My brand new Epiphone Casino. Cherry finish. I removed the white pick guard. I think it looks better that way. submitted by Colonelforbin25 to Epiphone [link] [comments]

After saving for 2 months working from 8 to 4 every saturday, I finally managed to get this epiphone casino coupe in cherry red

After saving for 2 months working from 8 to 4 every saturday, I finally managed to get this epiphone casino coupe in cherry red submitted by Guess-Swimming to guitars [link] [comments]

Can I play classic rock/hard rock music with a hollow body guitar?

I want to get an Epiphone Casino because they look absolutely gorgeous and because I want to play blues. However I don't know if a full hollow body guitar is very versatile. What genres of music can I play with a hollow body guitar?
Also, what's the difference between a hollow-body and a semi-hollow like the Epiphone Dot?
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Help needed. Looking for original/replica volume + tone knobs for Epiphone Casino (more info in comments)

A while back I bought a cherry red Epiphone Casino, pretty nice condition but I noticed the previous owner changed the knobs.
(Guitar) -
(close up of current knobs) -
Looking at photos of originals
the Casino had Gold top hat knobs, but I can't seem to find the same ones.
Any help finding similar ones would be appreciated!
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The Mrs. Epiphone Casino in Cherry

The Mrs. Epiphone Casino in Cherry submitted by DrJuliusNo to guitarporn [link] [comments]

WTB: cherry red epiphone casino

used is fine, dont want to pay guitar center prices. thanks!
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[GEAR] New Guitar Day! My first American Guitar!

I've always wanted a strat, but it was too much for me when I began playing back in High School. Now with a good paying job and the whole quarantine situation I figured it wouldn't hurt to splurge a little and pick up this bad boy. Now I have two babies, this and my cherry red Epiphone Casino. Let me know what you think!
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All Screen-Used Guitars

Note: These are in no particular order. (Finish) Brand Model - Player
(Fireglo) Rickenbacker 615 - Nasty
(Fireglo) Rickenbacker 4001 - Dirk
(Cherry) Gretsch Tennessean - Stig
(Walnut) Gretsch Country Gentleman -Stig
(Sunburst) Hofner 500/1 - Dirk
(Custom) Fender Stratocaster -Stig
(Rosewood) Fender Telecaster - Stig
(Rosewood) Gibson SG -Stig and Nasty
(Sanded) Epiphone Casino - Nasty
(Finish-less) Brandless Acoustic -Stig and Nasty
Edit: looking back I realized that Stig played the Rickenbacker 615 once (Ouch!) and discovered the finish on the SG could’ve been a dark coat of Faded Cherry
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[Question] been learning guitar for a few years, but always had issues with finger placement. I have always like the Martin LX1E, with it being smaller would that help me play and be more comfortable rather then learning on something bigger and confusing?

Been trying to learn guitar for awhile, and I find maybe it’s me, but having small hands makes it hard to play. My question is would something like a Martin LX1E be a good guitar to learn on?
I have loved the LX1E for years, it’s got a great size, quality feel and knowing someone like Ed Sheeran played it and made it have great sounds is the cherry on the top.
I have tried to learn guitar for about 5 years now. But have always had troubles with finger placements, and since Martin started the Sheeran signature guitars, I have had my eye on the Lx1e and have wanted one. Would a smaller guitar help learn finger placement then putting that what I have learned to a bigger guitar? I also have recently gotten into country and don’t have an acoustic and think this would be a good guitar for that and even if I ever plan to travel with it.
I am also intrigued by the Epiphone Sj200 or Casino bigger then the Martin but looks like fun and Elvis played it (the Gibson version haha) but only con is might have hand issues as I do now with my regular sized electric guitars
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[GEAR] Its my Cakeday So here is my Favorite Guitar of my Collection, My ES 330

I'm really shameless in this one, but in my 6 years as a Redditor, I have never caught my cakeday until today.
Here is my absolute favorite guitar. It's my 2018 Gibson ES 330 VOS in Cherry. It's from a limited run of 100 guitars made in Memphis for 2018.
2018 was the first, and now, only year that Gibson Memphis made the ES 330 on the regular production line and they did a fantastic job. The VOS treatment includes a slight relic treatment that you can see in the photos of the hardware and aged binding and pickup covers and a thin lacquer coating that makes an incredibly resonant instrument. I'm already wearing through the lacquer in the back this gets played so much.
For those who don't know the ES 330 is Gibson's equivalent to an Epiphone casino. It has a 16th fret neck joint as opposed to a 19th fret like an ES 335 ( some later 60s models for a short time did have a 19 fret neck joint these are typically called ES 330L's), two p90 pick ups, and a complete hollow construction with no center block, thus the trapeze tail piece.
They are true rock machines through than through.
With no further ado, here is the gallery
2018 Gibson ES 330 VOS 1/100 limited Run
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[Question] - Opinions on the Epiphone Casino?

Picking up my first electric over the summer and I'm thinking about the casino, since $600 is in my price range and it seems to have good reviews online, but I just want to double check before I shell out $600. Follow-up question: if you do think I should get it, which finish should I get? I'm torn between Cherry and Burst.
Edit: If you want to drop suggestions for what I should get instead, go for it, remember this is gonna be my main ax
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[GEAR] NGD - Epiphone Casino

2015 Epiphone Casino in Cherry. I’ve been looking for one of these for a while now and finally got lucky on Craigslist! Cleaned up, restrung and off with the pick guard. In love with the tone and P90s. Anyone else out there with one have any good tips on getting the best sound? Thanks!
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Alright guys, desktop and/or homescreen screenshot thread!

I'm at home and I'm bored out of my mind sooo... Screenshot thread!
Here's my phone's homescreen:
Post yours!
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[GEAR] NGD - My one and only girl, Lorraine

Hi Guitar! Hope you don't mind a little story.
I'm 24 years old and last April, I bought an acoustic on a whim. What I immediately noticed was, I could never let go of the guitar - something I never felt when I was studying piano. During my time with the acoustic, I've longed for an Cherry Epiphone Casino because of the Beatles so I practiced hard to 'deserve' the Casino. I even did open mic gigs so I could be challenged to play better in front of an audience.
Six months after, I've saved up part of my pay and finally brought one home. Her name's Lorraine, and on the day I picked her up (5th September) she went to an open mic with me the same night. Today I managed to scrounge up some cash to get a small Vox amp and I'm astounded by the many sounds there is to have by just fiddling with the knobs on the amp. Though I could really use some help as to how to dial in an amp.
TLDR; bought an acoustic just for kicks last April, finally got dream guitar this month.
Here she is
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134 Guitars Stolen! Keep an eye out. Full list, including serial numbers.

The following 134 guitars and amps have been stolen from Fretted Americana in California. If you have any information about the crime, or if someone tries to sell you one of these instruments, please call (818) 222-4113:
Rating Year Make Model serial# Color
9.00 1974 Alembic Series 1 Stereo Bass Waylon Jennings - Jerry 74/73 Natural
9.50 2000 Andreas Fierce Shark 2000 1053 Burned Western Larch
9.50 1999 Breedlove Master Class Grand Concert C25 5975 King Koa
9.50 2001 Carvin Swallowtail AC375 by T. Breeze VerDant 65466 Hawaiian Curly Koa/Mahogany
8.50 2006 Clive Brown '54 Blackguard Telecaster 0472 Butterscotch Blond
9.50 1964 Danelectro Short Horn Standard Model 3022 Bronze over white vinyl
9.25 1966 Danelectro Convertible Model 5005 2126 Woodgrain over white vinyl
9.25 1963 Epiphone Broadway E252N 120765 Natural
9.25 1958 Epiphone Broadway E252 A 1497 Sunburst
8.25 1961 Epiphone Casino E230-T Oliveburst
9.25 1966 Epiphone Casino E230-TD 380003 Sparkling Burgundy Metallic
9.25 1959 Epiphone Century E422T A-2576 Sunburst
9.25 1966 Epiphone Coronet "Dwight" SB-533 Silver Fox 570326 Silver Fox (translucent green with
8.75 1961 Epiphone B4B Newport Bass 36335 Cherry
9.00 1965 Epiphone Olympic SB 722D 254592 Sunburst
2009 Fender Bassman 250 Type PR597 09004865
9.00 1969 Fender Champ A 17091 Black with silver face
9.00 1966 Fender Coronado ll 249762 Antigua
9.25 1967 Fender Coronado ll 199474 Cherry Red
9.25 1967 Fender Coronado ll 502538 Cherry Sunburst
9.25 1967 Fender Coronado ll 503025 Lake Placid Blue
8.75 1954 Fender Deluxe (Wide-Panel) Amp Model 5B3 6685 Tweed
9.50 1995 Fender Esquire "Snakehead" Prototype Prototype #1 White
9.50 1968 Fender Jaguar 229804 Candy Apple Red
9.25 1991 Fender '62 Re-Issue Stack-Knob, Slab-Board Jazz Bass V 057239 Olympic White
9.00 1962 Fender Electric Mandolin 01534 Sunburst Three-tone
9.00 1966 Fender Mustang 124581 Daphne Blue
9.25 1972 Fender Mustang 413063 Three-Tone Sunburst
9.00 1971 Fender Competition Mustang 305537 Competition Red with cream
9.25 1966 Fender Mustang 186854 Dakota Red
9.25 1966 Fender Mustang 186031 Dakota Red
9.50 2002 Fender Precision Bass 1968 Reissue (MIJ) P 098184 Blue Floral
9.50 1995 Fender Precision Bass (Fender Custom Shop for Dick CN401515 Chartreuse Sparkle
9.25 1978 Fender Precision Bass S 867926 Antigua
9.50 2005 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 1956 Relic R15743 See-Through Blond
9.50 2000 Fender Stratocaster (Hardtail) Fred Stuart 0777 Sunburst Two-tone
9.50 2002 Fender Squier, 20th Anniversary Stratocaster CY02027410 Olympic White
9.50 1992 Fender "Pearl Jam" Custom Shop Stratocaster V059055 Burgundy Mist
9.25 1972 Fender Stratocaster 354653 Olympic White
9.25 1973 Fender Stratocaster (Hardtail) 524290 Natural
9.50 1979 Fender Stratocaster S 937364 Antigua
9.00 1971 Fender Telecaster 300280 Blond
9.50 1999 Fender Telecaster (Nashville B Bender) N9413028 Candy Apple Red
9.00 1978 Fender Telecaster Deluxe S 807814 Antigua
9.00 1978 Fender Telecaster Custom S 816948 Antigua
9.25 1978 Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier A 970731 Silver face
9.00 1972 Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier A 431287 Silver face
9.50 1986 Fender (Japan) Telecaster Custom '62 A024818 Sunburst Three-tone
9.00 1934 Gibson L-Century (Century of Progress) 897 Sunburst
9.25 1940 Gibson Kalamazoo KGN-12 Flat Top - 14 fret neck 5132G 37 Natural with faux tortoise-shell
9.25 1940 Gibson Kalamazoo KGN-12 Flat Top - 14 fret neck 3220G 18 Natural with faux tortoise-shell
9.50 1982 Gibson Map Guitar 83582001 Natural Mahogany
8.75 1939 Gibson ES-150 CC (first variant) FGE 2208 Chocolate brown with golden
9.25 1962 Gibson ES-120T 50525 Teaburst
8.75 1956 Gibson ES-175N A 22487 Natural
9.25 1968 Gibson Firebird I "Non-Reverse" 947896 Sunburst
8.75 1935 Gibson L-10 Sunburst
9.00 1957 Gibson L-48 U 2745 33 Tobacco Sunburst
8.75 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4 0 3492 Cherry
9.00 1963 Gibson Melody Maker 133536 Sunburst
9.00 1966 Gibson Melody Maker 900231 Pelham Blue with Mahogany Neck
9.00 1960 Gibson Melody Maker 0 7111 Sunburst
9.00 1967 Gibson Melody Maker D 320678 Sparkling Burgundy with Mahogany
9.00 1966 Gibson Melody Maker D 800362 Pelham Blue with Mahogany Neck
9.00 1952 Gibson Super 300 A 10160 Cremona brown
9.25 1964 Gretsch 6125 Anniversary Model 74580 Two-Tone Jaguar Tan and Ivory
9.25 1959 Gretsch 6125 Anniversary Model 31392 Two-Tone Smoke Green
9.25 1962 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary Model 50565 Sunburst
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6134 Black Penguin Solid Body (Japan) JT05129199 Black
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6121 Nashville Solid Body (Japan) JD05 011332 Western Orange
9.50 2005 Gretsch G 6120 SSLVO with two original 1960 JT05074509 Western orange
9.25 1961 Gretsch 6132 Corvette Solid Body 44859 Cherry
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6128TCG Duo Jet Solid Body (Japan) JD05 031630 Cadillac Green
9.00 1957 Gretsch 6161 Electromatic Dual Twin Amplifier X 72478 Two-Tone Gray
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6136 Black Falcon (Japan) JT05118317 Black
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6136 White Falcon (Japan) JT05118300 White
9.00 1957 Gretsch 6131 Jet Firebird 21146 Red Top with Black Back and Sides
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6121W Roundup Solid Body (Japan) JT05 010570 Orange
9.50 2006 Gretsch G6121W Roundup Solid Body (Japan) Orange
8.75 1957 Gretsch 6189 Streamliner 23689 Copper Mist with Bamboo Yellow
9.50 2005 Gretsch G6134 White Penguin Solid Body (Japan) JT05106964 White
9.25 1954 Guild MasterAmp 60 2022
9.50 2010 Henman Mod MOD-002XG Xenia Black Stain (glossy finish)
9.25 1974 Hofner 500/1 "Violin" Bar-Blade Pickup Bass Sunburst
9.25 1954 Hofner Model 463 Acoustic Archtop 27.9.54 Tan spruce with mahogany back
9.25 1958 Hofner Model 457/S/E2 Electro-Acoustic 714 Tobacco sunburst
9.00 1959 Hofner Club 60 Brunette (Selmer) 670 Sunburst
8.75 1960 Hofner 456/S/b Acoustic (fitted with Schaller pickup) 2531 Natural
9.00 1969 Hofner 457/S n/a Sunburst
9.25 1983 Ibanez (Japan) AM-205 Stagemaster I 830130 Burl Mahogany
9.25 1978 Ibanez (Japan) Bob Weir Professional Model 2681NT D 787913 Natural
9.50 1997 Jackson Roswell Randy Rhoads Aircraft Aluminium Guitar RSW 106 Aluminium
9.50 2005 James Trussart Steelcaster - Holey Back - Rusty Steel 05 098 Rust
9.50 2006 James Trussart Steeltop Antique Silver Chinese Dragon 0317 Mahogany/Brushed Silver
9.50 2006 James Trussart Steeltop Antique Silver Chinese Dragon 06 215 Mahogany/Brushed Silver
9.50 2006 James Trussart Antique Silver Chinese Dragon 06 211 Mahogany
9.50 2010 James Trussart Holey-Steelcaster Rastafari Colors 'Ziggy Marley' 10 245 Three-Tone 'Ganja' (Yellow, Green &
9.50 2007 Lentz HSL Buddy Whittington Model Lentz/DB Fiesta Red
9.25 2002 Lentz "T" Style Signed '52 Blackguard "Lentz 7/29/02" Blond
9.25 1987 Marshall JCM 25/50 Silver Jubilee Model 2554 12" 02908 Silver Vinyl
9.25 1989 Marshall 4001 Studio 15, 15W 1 x 12" combo X10780 Black Tolex
9.50 2009 Martin D-28 Museum Edition 1941 Guitar & Case 1350038 Mahogany Mesa/Boogie Combo Mk 1
9.00 1973 Mosrite 350 Mono Bass AB 0072 Semi-transparent Wine Red
9.25 1967 Mosrite Melobar Nine String 055 Sunburst Three-tone
9.00 1966 Mosrite Joe Maphis Mark 1 D 381 Natural
9.50 1967 Mosrite Combo Mark 1 H 1147 Translucent red
9.00 1976 Mosrite Bi-Centennial Archtop (Stereo) Natural
9.50 1965 Mosrite The Ventures Mark 1 Double-Neck 6/12 String 2J 309 Sunburst Three-tone
9.25 1986 Mosrite Joe Maphis Double Six string+Octave Guitar PRO 001 Sunburst Two-tone
9.00 1965 Mosrite Joe Maphis Model Double-Neck 6/12 String 2J 359 Natural
9.25 1987 Mosrite The Ventures Model (Hard-Tail) 1X Storm Gray
9.25 1970 Mosrite The Ventures ll Red
9.50 1983 Mosrite The Ventures (Triple-Bound Body Re-Issue) 64010 Sunburst Three-tone
9.50 1961 National Glenwood 95 'Map' T 68492 Vermillion Red
9.25 1975 Ovation Deacon 12-String 1253 E 10290 Mahogany burst
9.50 1997 Paul Reed Smith Artist Series lll (Amber Flame Top) 7 33461 #295 Violin Amber
9.50 1999 Paul Reed Smith McCarty HollowBody Turquoise Maple 10 Top 9 42311 Turquoise with Translucent Sides
9.25 1987 Paul Reed Smith PRS Standard 7 2412 Dark Blue Metallic
9.00 1957 Rickenbacker Model 1000 C150-18 (3/4 size) V 7107 Jet Black
9.00 1966 Rickenbacker 330/12 (two pickups, no vibrato) FL 4231 Mapleglo (Natural)
9.00 1954 Silvertone 1359 Standard "Peanut" Style Body / Coke XXXX Tan and Ginger Simulated Leather
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT 18/30 Watt Head CLASSIC Vintage brown
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL ROBOT Extension 2 x 12 Cabinet CLASSIC Vintage Brown
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT 2/5/18/30 watt Combo CLASSIC Vintage brown
10.00 Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT 2/5/18/30 watt Combo CLASSIC Vintage brown 1995 Trace Elliot V-Type V8 400 Head + 2 x 15 500W Bass
9.00 1964 Vox Kent 543877 Red
9.00 1966 Vox Phantom Xll Stereo 300380 Black
9.00 1965 Vox Mark Vl 'Teardrop' (V222) no serial # England White
9.25 1966 Vox Bulldog 267110 Sunburst Three-tone
9.50 2013 Yamaha (Japan) Phil X SG1801PX H1Y506E Piano White
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Picture of Daniel Kessler's TOTBL guitar

I read in an ultimate-guitar article that he bought a used 1967 Cherry red Epiphone Casino, which he used to record the majority of the album.
They had a beautiful red burgundy Casino. It was actually for a pretty good price considering it was from 1967 or something. The guy was a friend of the band and gave me a really good deal. It was the guitar I used for all of Turn on the Bright Lights.
Does anyone have a picture of it? Is his Sunburst 1967 Casino seen in early playing days one he bought to replace it since I think the original Cherry Red one got stolen? And has that become his new go-to for most album recordings?
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[Newbie] First Electric Guitar decision

Hi there,
I'm about to purchase my first electric guitar (I do own an acoustic one and can play it at a quite basic level), and I'm thorn between a couple options:
The first one is the SX GG5 Semi-Acoustic Hollow Body (230 euros) . I've always wanted a semi acoustic guitar as I grew up listening to Tim Armstrong rocking his. This one comes into black or cherry and both are beautiful.
The second one is a Epiphone SG-310 (250 euros). I do like the sg style as well, specially in full black as the one I'm looking at, but not as much as the semi hollows.
Now, as far as I can see in the reviews, people say that the epiphones are made with much higher quality parts in general. So, besides preferring the looks of the SX, would the SG be a better buy? As in a guitar I will have less problems or "last" for longer in terms of when I'll feel the need to upgrade, and that feels nicer.
I'd be playing mostly rock in general, punk, alternative, psychedelic, whatever I can get the grasp on the guitar! I'm kinda stuck into buying in local shops as I'm using a gift card thingy so I can't really go wider into options by shopping online. Also getting a semi hollow epiphone would put me a bit out of budget (casino is going for 400e which would be a bit of a stretch for a fun thing considering I'd also need an amp.)
Sorry for the complete newbie question, and thanks in advance for any inputs on this!
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I am an anorak. My obsession? All of Noel Gallagher's Guitars. Here's my definitive list.

  1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard - Heritage Cherry Sunburst. Seen in the Supersonic music video. Low Res Pic
  2. Epiphone '70's Riviera - Main stage guitar in Earl's Court and Live By The Sea, same with Bonehead, outfitted with a stopbar tailpiece. Wine Red. Low Res Pic
  3. Gibson Les Paul Standard - A gift from Johnny Marr. Used frequently in Gigs. Broke when Noel hit a stage-climber with it. Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. Also played in Familiar To Millions. Picture
  4. Epiphone Sheraton - Vintage Sunburst. '60's model. Used in Knebworth and G-Mex. Picture
  5. Epiphone "Union Jack" Sheraton - Used in Maine Road, and found at the end of the music video of Champagne Supernova. Picture
  6. Gibson Les Paul Custom - Played during Chicago '94. Black Finish. Cream pickguard was eventually adorned with an Oasis sticker.With Oasis Sticker
  7. Gibson Flying V - Seen in the D'You Know What I Mean? music video. Black finish. Picture
  8. Gibson Reverse Firebird - Seen in a promotional picture for the Some Might Say single. Vintage Sunburst Finish. Picture
  9. Gibson ES-355 - Noel's main stage guitar since 1997. Played in all gigs after F2M. '60's Model with Varitone Switch and Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece. Cherry Finish. Noel also has a Black finished one with no vibrato seen at the NGHFB gig at V Festival. Red Black
  10. Gibson ES-345 - Noel's other main guitar. Used in the current gigs with HFB. Comes with a Trapeze tailpiece (later a stopbar) and varitone.Picture
  11. Rickenbacker 330 - Used in Don't Go Away and SOTSOG-era gigs. Very short-lived use of this guitar. Mapleglo and White finish. White
  12. Fender Telecaster - Has 3 Telecasters. One in a Pink Paisley finish used at F2M, one with a chocolate brown finish, and one in cream white. Pink
  13. Gibson Les Paul Silver Florentine - a Gibson Les Paul with F-Holes. Silver. Played during the SOTSOG-HC-era Gigs. Picture
  14. Epiphone Supernova - a very cosmetic Riviera. Adorned with either a Pelham Blue, Ebony, or Union Jack finish. No evidence of it ever being played live, but Noel has kept the Union Jack finish in his studio. Picture
  15. Gibson Trini Lopez 335 - Gibson ES-335 with a Firebird headstock and diamond holes. Played in the Live in the USA 2005 Gig and in the promotional picture for "Lyla". Picture
  16. Gibson SG Standard - Seen in the NGHFB documentary, bought in Japan, may be heard on the new album.Picture
  17. Epiphone Casino - No evidence of being played live, seen in the Music Video for Sunday Morning Call. Picture
  1. Epiphone EJ-200 - The Definitely Maybe guitar. Used in '94-'95 gigs. Picture
  2. Takamine - He has many models, the most common one, being the brown finished one with the cutaway. Used in '94-'95 gigs and TV performances. Picture
  3. Guild 12-String - Played Sad Song during the Live By The Sea gig. Picture
  4. Gibson J-200 - He was seen playing a Natural finish one in an MTV performance in 1995. He then moved on to use a Vintage Sunburst one, seen in Little By Little, this went on to be his main acoustic guitar until 2011/2012, somewhere along the way it got adorned with an Adidas originals sticker. Picture
4b. Gibson Western Pre-War J-200 - this is the J-200 people see that does not adorn the Crown Inlay at the headstock and does not have the graphic flower pickguard and sports a four-ribbon bridge. Noel can be seen using this at the Le Cabaret Sauvage gig with Gem. Picture
  1. Martin D-28 - Main acoustic guitar for the latter part of the NGHFB tour. Natural. Picture
  2. Epiphone Frontier - Late 60's Model played once live in the Jools Holland Gig in 2000, playing Where Did It All Go Wrong. Picture
  3. Gibson J-45 - Seen in Sunday Morning Call. Picture
  4. Gibson Hummingbird - Seen being played by Liam in Songbird. Played in a Live performance of Sunday Morning Call. Liam playing
There it is, sorry I couldn't provided the pictures. others are low-res because screens from Music Videos or Gigs.
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Single coil/Humbuckers?

Hey guys I am very new to guitar, and looking to purchase a guitar for myself :) I am leaning very heavily towards an epiphone casino(in cherry). However I was speaking to a friend and they spoke sort of poorly about humbuckers, talking about the brighter sound of single coil; What do yall think?
TL;DR anything I should no about humbuckers or single coil pefore purchasing a guitar?
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Epiphone Standard Casino Guitar  CME Gear Demo  Joel ... Epiphone Casino • SN: 1212210776 - YouTube Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Riviera Custom p93 - YouTube Epiphone Casino Semi Acoustic Guitar Review  Issue 44 ...

Epiphone Casino Hollowbody mit zwei P-90T und P-90R Tonabnehmern, SlimTaper Halsprofil und Trapez Tailpiece im Cherry Finish. 1966 Epiphone Casino - Cherry with orig. grey Epiphone Softcase Clean 1966 Epiphone Casino model T230 in Cherry finish. The guitar is in near excellent condition and all original. The guitar has been played, so there is some minor play-wear and weatherchecking, typical for a 50+ year old instrument, but no modifications or damages. The electronic is all original with untouched solderjoints ... Epiphone Casino Coupe, Cherry Hollowbody Bauform, laminierter Ahorn-Korpus; Mahagoni Hals; P-90R und P-90T Tonabnehmer; Epiphone ES-339 Semi Hollow Body E-Gitarre (Vintage Sunburst Lack, Ahorn Korpus, 24.75 Mensur) Der berühmte Ton der ES-Gitarren; Epiphone ProBucker Tonabnehmer; Push-pull coil tapping ; Epiphone DOT ES Style Semi-Hollow Body E-Gitarre (Kirschrot lackiert, Laminat Ahorn ... Die Epiphone Casino Coupe ist die wendige Schwester der legendären Casino und orientiert sich an den Korpusmaßen der Gibson ES-339. Epiphone Hollow Body E-Gitarre mit P90R und P90T Tonabnehmern, Casino Coupe Tailpiece, LockTone Tune-o-Matic Brücke und 1960 Slim Taper D Halsprofil im Cherry Finish Epiphone Casino Coupe, Cherry Hollowbody Bauform, laminierter Ahorn-Korpus; Mahagoni Hals; P-90R und P-90T Tonabnehmer; Epiphone ES-339 Semi Hollow Body E-Gitarre (Vintage Sunburst Lack, Ahorn Korpus, 24.75 Mensur) Der berühmte Ton der ES-Gitarren; Epiphone ProBucker Tonabnehmer; Push-pull coil tapping ; Epiphone DOT ES Style Semi-Hollow Body E-Gitarre (Kirschrot lackiert, Laminat Ahorn ... The Casino Coupe is the iconic hollowbody Casino reborn in a smaller, comfortable ES-339 body size. Featuring Epiphone's Dogear P-90T Classic™ single-coil pickups, a Mahogany neck, and vintage styled machine heads. Now available in Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, and new Turquoise color finishes. Epiphone Casino - Cherry. Departments > Guitars > Hollow-body Electric Guitars > Electric Semi Hollow > Epiphone > Casino - Cherry. Add to Wish List Add to Wish List SKU: # 223872. Model: # ETCACHCH Write a Review. This product is no longer available. Description; Reviews; Performance Warranty; The Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar is the guitar that put Epiphone on the map. Ever since The ... Dieser Artikel Epiphone Casino Coupe, Cherry. Epiphone DOT ES Style Semi-Hollow Body E-Gitarre (Kirschrot lackiert, Laminat Ahorn Korpus, Ahorndecke, Alnico Classic Humbucker Pickups, Palisander Griffbrett, 24.75 Mensur) Epiphone ETBKPWGB3 Wildkat E-Gitarre Pearl White. Cherrystone 4260180881172 Semi Acoustic Jazz/Blues E-Gitarre SB . Ibanez AS53-TF Guitars. Epiphone Casino Thin-Line Hollow ... Epiphone ES-339 Cherry; e-guitar, Inspired by Gibson" ES-339; semi-hollow; top layered maple; back and sides layered maple; binding cream; mahogany neck, rounded C; fretboard indian laurel; nut width 43mm (1,693"); scale 628mm (24,724"); 22 frets; nut graphtech nuBone; pickups 2x alnico classic pro humbucker; controls 2 volume and 2 tone; bridge locktone tunomatic; locktone stop bar; grover ... Alle Epiphone casino cherry review im Blick. Testberichte zu Epiphone casino cherry review analysiert. Um ohne Zweifel davon ausgehen zu können, dass die Auswirkung von Epiphone casino cherry review tatsächlich wohltuend ist, schadet es nichts einen Blick auf Beiträge aus Foren und Testberichte von Anderen zu werfen.Forschungsergebnisse können lediglich selten als Hilfe genutzt werden ...

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Epiphone Standard Casino Guitar CME Gear Demo Joel ...

Joel sings (and plays) the praises of the Epiphone Standard Casino (, most specifically the one in his hands that features a Cherry fin... #epiphone #epiphonecasino #epiphoneriviera #guitarshootoutGuitar shootout! Here is the Epiphone Casino (standard) back to back with the Epiphone Riviera p93.... Lewis Turner reviews the Epiphone Casino semi acoustic for Issue 44 of guitar interactive magazine. Read the full review here THIS GUITAR HAS SOLD!! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CHECK OUT MORE!!! Epiphone has made a name for itself by producing some of the greatest and most innovative mu...